Victoria Hall

Victoria is a leadership coach with a unique background and skill set having been an RAF Officer and now a practising employment lawyer, HR professional, leadership trainer, coach, speaker on preventing and managing burnout, author and mum of three girls.   She is also an anti-sigma advocate, volunteer Board Member for the charity, Mind and a Non-Executive Director for other not-for-profit organisations.

Victoria has over a decade of leadership coaching experience in the UK and abroad at and is also CIPD and CMI accredited.

Victoria is described as wise, authentic and empathetic by her clients.  She is called on because of her ability to build trust quickly whilst guiding those she works with to find practical and actionable solutions which are right for them and deliver results.

Victoria is known for being able to adapt her coaching to suit the person and not try and make the person fit the coaching. Her vast experience of working in different regulated and non-regulated environments with many different people has provided her with insights invaluable to those she works with.

Victoria’s focus and passion is always on understanding what makes people tick in order to remove barriers to individual growth and enhanced performance in a way that is sustainable and healthy in this fast paced and uncertain world. She believes in a You v You mentality, with yourself being the biggest blocker to performance and hence her commitment to coaching.

Victoria’s coaching method is based on insights from neuroscience which allows her to explore with clients how different brains process information in different ways. She enables people to understand themselves first so that they can start breaking down the issues that hold them back from the place they want to be. It allows the unique element of each person to be cherished whilst still developing in a way that is helpful to them. The inevitable result of this process is that Victoria’s clients not only see change in themselves, but they are also better able to understand, work with and lead others. Victoria has developed her own coaching models and can help her clients develop self-coaching methods that they can take away and utilise following their coaching experience.

Victoria also has extensive experience facilitating group coaching sessions to allow individuals to reach their full potential as a team. She mentors numerous coaches and acts as lead coach on multi-coach programmes.

Victoria’s recent clients include Lloyds Bank, Companies House, RAF, The Happiness Index, Caplor Horizons, Ideal, University South Wales, Mind, Ideal Solutions, Polaris, Acuity Law, Taff Housing, Inmarsat, DNA Definitive, GS Verde Group, underwriteme, Sompo International and The Wallich.

Professional qualifications / affiliations

  • Qualified Solicitor
  • Level 7, Chartered Member, CIPD
  • Level 5, Member, CMI
  • Post graduate diploma in Law (Distinction)
  • LLB (Hons) Law
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Agile Project Management
  • Diploma Psychology
  • RAF Officer (Rtd)

Feedback from coaching clients

“I always feel invincible after an hour with Victoria”

Head of People and Culture, Technology industry


“Victoria has helped me to get to the root of some leadership challenges as well as deal with a stressful event in my career. She has the ability to ask the right questions and helped me to focus on practical actions to put into practice. I would recommend her as coach and colleague”

Senior Leader, Banking


“Victoria has a wealth of experience due to her unique background. All of this knowledge is wrapped up in a very approachable, supportive and pragmatic style and approach. Victoria has the warmth and ability to build relationships and rapport quickly. The transferability of Victoria’s skills makes her a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her”

CEO, Not-for-profit


“The coaching has helped me in both my wellbeing as well as managing some key challenges at work. Victoria helped me understand myself first which then allowed me to better understand others and each of our variations. I have been able to work through and resolve a very difficult relationship with a colleague which has completely turned around. Victoria has a very authentic and personable style which has made me open up regarding some challenging scenarios”

Senior Leader, Technology industry


“Victoria’s intuition and ability to facilitate meaningful discussions during group coaching has turned our team around. Through understanding each other better, appreciating different perspectives and being kinder to each other, we have moved from a defensive and competitive group to one of collaboration.”

Partner, Legal Profession


“Victoria’s coaching literally changed my life. I am now able to pause before responding to a situation and consider the behaviours that I want to display before reacting to a situation. I have been able to do this by understanding my instinctive style and how to manage it. This has meant I am calmer, better able to lead my team and I am getting better results.  I am therefore, much happier! What I love about Victoria is that there is no arrogance.  She readily accepts that sometimes it is the simplest changes that have the biggest impact, she has just helped me find them”

Leader, Childcare profession


Victoria is based in Cardiff.

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