Clare Withycombe

Clare coaches senior leaders and individuals at pivotal points in their careers and lives. With over 20 years’ coaching experience, she works on a 1-2-1 and group basis with organisations of up to 500 employees.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) International Coach Federation, Clare’s approach is principled and rooted in thought leadership and the paradigms of psychology and neuroscience.

Clare’s role is to help enable people and organisations to be their best. She loves seeing shifts in individuals, which mean they are able to make the changes they want and get what they want out of life. This is what motivates her. Working with individuals (in groups or 1-2-1s) is at the heart of Clare’s approach because this is where the potential and capacity to change exist.


Clients are usually senior executives and business leaders, including women in leadership positions, ambitious SMEs and others in minority and talent groups, at pivotal points in career or life.

The common factor is that they all want to manage careers and leadership successfully and navigate choices to make sure decisions reflect their purpose, goals and values. She is most interested in working with purpose-driven organisations, that are serious about investing in leadership, talent, EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), and making a difference to their people.

Clare’s clients range from global matrix companies to creative and tech start-ups and third sector organisations, as well as individuals. She has always been committed to making a significant contribution to fairer workplaces, with cultures that genuinely value, and lead in the areas of EDI.


Clare’s approach is either personal and tailor-made or she provides a structured group coaching solution. The latter is often chosen by larger organisations that want to make changes to leadership style and culture or support specific leadership, talent or under-represented groups.

Either way, clear indicators of success are set at the start of the process and clients will develop strategies for navigating transition, career progression, organisational change and achieving career goals. Sometimes this work will involve developing a deeper understanding of context, dynamics, and what is going on organisationally and culturally.

Clare’s expertise lies in helping people not just see but experience things differently, so that it becomes natural to make positive changes, regardless of starting point or goals. The process most often involves helping people (and organisations) unlock potential and remove barriers to success.


Clare’s coaching environments are safe and non-judgemental and she builds trust, rapport and deep connection with clients to optimise the process. Her approach is also entirely focused on achieving results for the client. She introduces content to sessions as appropriate, such as strengths-based exercises or the latest neuroscience, insights, thinking paradigm or coaching technique.

Clients have often referred to Clare as a thinking partner, confident and sounding board as well

as a very experienced and effective coach, who is lovely to work with. They also consistently report after working with Clare, seeing things differently, making changes, achieving career goals and in the workplace, improved performance in areas including EDI, productivity and employee wellbeing and mental health.


Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) International Coach Federation, Mentor Coach
  • Career Coaching Services diploma, accredited by the Association of Coaching
  • StrengthscopeTM practitioner
  • Qualified MHFA Mental Health First Aider
  • Post graduate Coaching diploma 2004
  • BSc from Imperial College
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Clare is based in London.

Give us a call on 01582 463461 to talk through which coaches would be best for you.