Our coaches

Led very much by client demand, we’ve extended our network considerably in recent years, to the point where we now have well over a hundred coaches available across the UK and around the world.

Most of our coaches:

  • are ICF-credentialled
  • have other coaching and academic qualifications as well
  • come from an HR, L&D or business leadership/management background
  • have experience delivering coaching skills training
  • have consultancy skills
  • if based outside the UK, work in both English and local languages

For any requirement, therefore, we can usually offer a choice of coach or consultant. We have also developed a robust approach to coach selection and recruitment, so for larger projects we can generally expand our network at relatively short notice if required.

If you have a specific requirement in mind, have a look at the profiles, tell us who you think might be a good fit and we’ll put you in touch for a chemistry call. Or tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll suggest a couple of names.

Any questions? Give us a call on 01582 463461. We’re here to help!