Elizabeth Crosse

Elizabeth is our Coaching Practice Director. She is one of the 1% of coaches in the world (and only 30 or so in the UK) to have attained the coveted International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach credential. She is also a Director of the ICF in the UK. She has over 25 years of expertise in coaching and development in the UK and abroad, and has been a pioneer in introducing internal coaching to the Civil Service. She has delivered more than 10,000 hours of coaching and more than 2,500 hours of coach training. Organisations she has worked with include 10 Downing Street staff, the NHS, Performing Rights Society, London Business School, Eurostar, De Lage Landen, various housing associations, Royal Museums, BIG Lottery Fund, UK Power Networks, Trainline, Pearson, Ceres Power, Société Générale, London Waste, House of Fraser, London Borough of Hackney, British Council, S&P Global, EUSA Pharma, and various government departments including the Home Office and MoJ, etc, etc.

Approach to coaching

Elizabeth is an L&D specialist with an absolute passion for coaching and is the lead consultant for our coaching work. She has an enthusiastic, motivational and supportive style which allows her to challenge with integrity, build trust and inspire people to achieve and deliver excellence. Her approach has been described as ‘eclectic, creative and pragmatic, a lot of fun and it worked!’.

The key to how she works is to enable clarity and awareness, helping individuals understand their natural strengths and talents so they can learn to integrate them in everything they do. Her aim is that they develop greater self-acceptance so that they have the confidence to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Her extensive training includes wellbeing coaching, coaching, supervision and mentoring. This background enables her to work holistically using intellectual rigor in a way that is structured and flexible to responding to the specific requirements of clients.

Career background

Elizabeth has over 25 years’ public and private sector experience in the UK and abroad. She started her career in scientific research and then worked in a number of academic and business environments. Her previous roles included co-founding a training and consultancy partnership that focused on developing leaders and managers in private and public sector companies and as a consultant to head up learning and development for the Bermudian Civil Service. She joined the UK Legal Services Commission in 2000 where she became Head of Learning and Development, leaving them in 2013 to join Maximum Performance as Lead Consultant. Over the last 10 years she has shared her experience with a number of public sector departments including the MoJ, Department of Health and DiFID to help establish coaching cultures.

Conference presentations

Over the last fifteen years or so Elizabeth has presented at a number of national and international conferences on a range of topics concerning leadership, talent development and coaching. These included the USA Young Presidents Conference, EMCC Conference Sweden, ICF conference Switzerland and several CIPD conferences in the UK. She has also presented Master Classes on coaching and talent development at Roffey Park and NHS Leadership Forum.

Professional qualifications / affiliations

Elizabeth holds a formidable array of relevant professional qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching Supervision, University of Middlesex
  • BPS Full Level B certification
  • MCC Master Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • NLP Certified Coach
  • BPS Intermediate Level A and B Certification – 16Pf, DiSC, FIRO, MBTI, Hogan, Wave
  • CIPD Fellow
  • BPS Level A Certification
  • NLP – Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification
  • Professional in Human Resource (PHR) (USA)
  • S. Counselling Psychology / Education, University of Indiana
  • Ed. Education, University of Maryland
  • Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, University of Cambridge
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – Fellow
  • International Coaching Federation – Full Member and Master Certified Coach (one of only 22 in the UK)
  • British Psychological Society – Registered Test Administrator
  • 3 Master’s degrees including an MA in Coaching and Mentoring

Feedback from coaching clients

‘I benefitted particularly from the confidential, neutral and reflective space which enabled unrestricted exploration of some real fundamentals. This included establishing what’s important to me, life-line evolution, communication styles, taking charge of my own situation, coping with frustrations etc. Several useful challenges/steers gave me a ‘take-away’ from each session. The most useful of these was the suggestion that assimilating my established psychological patterns (used in the course of music-composition) into my overall life-planning might help me through the initial stages of post-Civil Service life, something I would never have identified for myself. Looking back, it’s quite some achievement that over the course of just four sessions I developed a real sense of clarity and purpose in terms of what I need to focus on in the immediate future, and also an increased confidence and optimism in considering my options beyond the Civil Service.’

SCS member of the Career Transition service

‘You have given me a mindset that my role is to stay focused on what is important for the client and they are accountable for taking action. In previous coach training it seemed like the coach had to design the methods and structure for the action plan. I realise now that is managing not coaching!’

Hannah Rogers, Head of Talent & OD, BIG Lottery Fund

‘I hold an executive role in a large housing association. I have over 30 years’ experience in our sector. I have been successfully managing staff for most of these. I’m seen as a leadership role model and ambassador. I’m married with two children under 13 years. A number of changes outside my control had taken place at work and I found myself facing some challenges – work life balance, new people and policies, an over-reliance on my skills and expertise. My own values were in conflict with the changes. The energy drained away. I couldn’t see the wood from the trees. I wasn’t ‘me’! This of course impacted on my family. And sleepless nights affected my ability to perform to meet my high exacting standards. The cracks were visible through my body language. Relationships at work were strained. I felt cornered. I needed ‘me’ back. I was recommended Elizabeth. Over a 4-6 month period she has helped me find ‘me’! I have learned the triggers, how to handle them, and how important my values are and how they contribute to my happiness both in and out of work. I’ve benefitted enormously from my coaching, but so have my employers. Less stress, better sleep and reduced sickness absence (ie, healthier) all drive improved performance and a happier workforce. This in turn has a positive impact on the customer and the services we deliver. We spend a lot of time at work so it has to be a happy and healthy place to be. It shows in our body language and a smiling face. All eyes are on the top, get it right and the smile radiates all the way to operational front-line teams. Elizabeth did it for me. And I’d wholeheartedly recommend her as an executive coach to others.’

Jane Porter, Executive Director Operations, Amicus Housing

‘Elizabeth is a top class learning and development professional who has made a number of major contributions to the development of staff in the Department of Health. Her wholehearted support, tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy have been invaluable. In 2007-08 Elizabeth helped set up and train our internal coaching group. She designed a top class three-day workshop on coaching concepts and fundamentals, provided advice, guidance and mentoring support to the first cohort of group members and helped shape our highly successful departmental coaching strategy which continues to deliver major dividends. Throughout 2011-12 Elizabeth provided invaluable support to the Senior Management Team in one of our key directorates. This included facilitating the provision of 360 degree feedback to each team member followed by one-to-one coaching. This received 100% positive feedback. Recipients were delighted with the bespoke facilitation and coaching support they received, and praised the skill with which Elizabeth helped them focus on their specific development needs while taking full account of their personal learning style. Their wholehearted endorsement of the 360 degree process enabled us to roll it out on a much wider basis with great success. I recommend Elizabeth to you absolutely and unreservedly. She is a pleasure to work with, adds value at every stage of the projects she works on, and possesses great strategic vision and insight. Her interpersonal skills are of the highest order, and from personal experience I can say, with total conviction, that she will be a huge asset to any organisation or employer she works with.’

Gerard Hennessy, Head of Skills Development & People Capability, Department of Health

‘I hoped that coaching would provide me with an opportunity to break down any barriers to personal career progression and development – I wasn’t sure how it would do this. The coaching process helped me to firstly identify what the barriers were, secondly why they existed and techniques that I could use to overcome any barriers to what I wanted to achieve. More specifically what I have really gained from the questioning and exploration in my coaching sessions was an ability to realise that many of the barriers to personal progression were self-made barriers that could be removed as quickly as they were created. I have used techniques discussed in coaching outside the coaching environment to change my own practices. This has in turn resulted in a change of behaviour that now no longer requires me to use the techniques – I now break down some of these barriers quite naturally. The result has been a feeling of improved confidence and an ability to get rid of a self-created “fear factor” that had sometimes stopped me from realising my full potential in the past. Coaching for me really pulled out what seemed to be complicated issues to break down and identify personal blockers and put very simple solutions in place – the result in my case has been positive action and steps in the direction that I wanted to take.’

Sarah Briggs, Senior Manager, Legal Aid Board

 ‘Before embarking on my personal coaching journey with Elizabeth I believed that I had a long way to go to become the leader that I wanted to be and off the back of some challenging times my self-confidence was at a low. However, from the first session it became apparent that I had made the right decision in appointing Elizabeth as my coach. I responded well to her open, honest and pleasant manner and her ability to quickly establish a coaching style that I felt comfortable with and one that still challenged me to reach my goals. My confidence came back and is now stronger than ever and I have been provided with the tools to take my leadership journey to the next level.’

Mark Warner, Head of Asset Management, Housing Solutions

‘Over the course of 2019, I was privileged to have a series of coaching sessions with Elizabeth. Being at a transition-point in my career, I had some quite specific challenges I was looking to address. With her openness, focus, acceptance and honesty, Elizabeth quickly enabled me develop real understanding and clarity around the challenges I faced. She has the unerring ability to quickly tune into not only the true essence of what is being discussed, but also the right approach and frame of reference to help think through the issues in a productive way. Against the unforgiving backdrop of COVID-19 and the challenges it presents, it’s clear that my perspective and focus now has moved forward considerably. I can see looking back the absolute shift in mindset and focus which Elizabeth enabled. She enabled me to understand and take ownership of my effectiveness in my work – a gift which has proved invaluable in 2020 through the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, Elizabeth!’

James Crow, Client Director (Executive Education), London Business School

‘Elizabeth has an honest and intuitive approach to the coaching process and coaching sessions that supported me in finding my way quickly to a proper understanding of my values and a much better understanding of myself. The changes I have made as a result of the coaching sessions have dramatically improved both my working and personal life.’

Jenny Goodwin, Head of Secretariat, PRS for Music

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