The why, what and how of continuous coach development


How do I become a better coach? This is a question we regularly ask ourselves and have often heard from the coaches we work with.  There will be a different answer for each coach. We all have unique requirements and different ways of continually enhancing our ability. As coaches, we recognise the need to invest in our development and take our practice to the next level. However, there is little to guide an informed exploration of how we need to learn in order to develop expertise and deepen our practice.

In this workshop, we offer you a challenge to move away from CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to CPPD (Continuing Professional & Personal Development) to focus more on how we are being rather than what we are doing with our clients. We invite you to consider that developing your capacity for complexity and sitting with uncertainty, i.e. upgrading your system, underpins a deepening of our practice. The work we all need to be doing is the ongoing personal work on self.

Learning objectives

This is a workshop with a difference. We are not seeking to give you answers but to help you reflect on what you need to learn and how you need to learn it. This interactive day will help facilitate your thinking on:

  • Understanding coach development
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Possible blind spots and biases in your coaching approach
  • Informed decision making on developmental planning


This interactive one-day workshop involves group discussion and activities.


Mainly HR professionals with an interest in coaching in their organisations.

Your facilitators

Dr Julia Carden and Dr Elizabeth Crosse have extensive experience as executive coaches, coach mentors and supervisors. They have a shared research interest in the need for a holistic, iterative, dynamic approach to our development. Julia is accredited as a Master Practitioner by the EMCC, and Elizabeth is certified as a Master Credential Coach by the ICF. Their approach to this workshop and their practice is underpinned by their own PhD research.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction and welcome

  • Setting the scene: why CPPD?

2 What learning activities foster coach development?

  • What activities have had the biggest impact on enhancing on our coaching practice?
  • What is the difference between learning and development?

3 The importance of self-awareness and how we develop it

  • An evidence-based for the development of self-awareness
  • Three requirements to build self-awareness

4 Input to action: fishbowl coaching activity

  • What are we noticing about the coaching interaction?

5 Reflections

  • Insights and applications from the morning session

6 Quality coaching

  • How do we define quality coaching?
  • Implications for our judgments / biases

7 Insight to action

  • Stop and start observation of a coaching session demonstration
  • What are we noticing about what is going on for us?

8 Wrap up

  • The next twelve months – thoughts on developmental activities
  • Insights and implications for our coaching practice

For a no-obligation discussion about running this workshop for your organisation please just give us a call on 01582 463461.