Coaching skills for leaders and managers

Top-quality workshops and webinars

More and more organisations expect their leaders and managers to be using a coaching style, whether in formal review meetings or ‘in the moment’. And more and more organisations are coming to us for help in training them in how to do it.

Follow the links to some we prepared earlier:

See also the Coaching skills for line managers ‘module’ available from our sister organisation, Maximum Performance. A tried-and-tested programme, it comes in four different sizes – one-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar. The one- and half-day versions come with a learning reinforcement app as well. Based on the GROW model.

Or give us a call to discuss a bespoke programme just for your organisation.

What next?

  • Can’t decide which approach to take?
  • Not sure about which underlying model to use?
  • Need to organise something for yourself and colleagues?
  • Any other questions?

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