Group coaching

Group coaching is ideal for those organisations in which a number of people from across the organisation (ie, not in the same team) share a developmental issue. People can benefit from sharing experiences and group coaching can be a lot quicker and more cost-effective than individual one-to-one coaching.

Typical issues that lend themselves to this approach include:

  • Organisational restructures – coping with or leading change, developing resilience
  • Career planning (within the organisation) – networking, personal branding, development strategies
  • Diversity and inclusion – support for minority groups
  • Redundancy programmes – supporting others whilst needing support oneself
  • Change projects – dealing with implementation challenges, engagement

A typical group coaching session might run for a couple of hours for up to 8 people. Sometimes a single session is sufficient, sometimes a series will be agreed (with a different focus for each session) or sometimes we’ll suggest an ad hoc session with a review at the end to determine the next step. The approach depends on the specific situation and the needs and aims of the group.

If you think group coaching might be the answer to an issue facing a number of people in your organisation, give us a call to talk it through and to discuss how we might help.