Great coaching moments

A two-hour webinar

If you want to foster a coaching culture across the organisation, you need to ensure that managers don’t only use their coaching skills in formal settings, such as monthly 1:1s or scheduled appraisals and reviews. They need to be using these skills every day, in informal settings, ie, coaching ‘in the moment’. And they may need encouragement to do so. Hence this very popular webinar session.

The webinar is designed to encourage managers to ‘just do it!’ The session:

  • Challenges perceptions of coaching
  • Creates more opportunities for everyone to benefit from coaching
  • Refreshes line managers’ skills
  • Encourages use of a simple, best practice coaching process / framework (TGROW)
  • Facilitates practice
  • Ensures consistent language around coaching
  • Reassures people that ‘it’s OK to ask for help’
  • Inspires!

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you will:

  • Know what a great coaching moment looks like
  • Be more confident to coach ‘in the moment’
  • Understand how to apply the core skills and TGROW model in a coaching moment context
  • Have practised coaching in the moment – and have given feedback on someone coaching you
  • Be inspired to ‘just do it!’


Managers at all levels:

  • Managers of managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders and supervisors


A highly participative two-hour webinar (we recommend using Zoom), featuring break-outs and practice sessions. Maximum group size: 12.

Webinar outline

A two-hour session

1 Welcome and introduction

  • Three ‘top tips’ for ‘maximising the coaching moment’

2 Key skills

  • Using the four key coaching skills
    • Building trust and rapport
    • Powerful listening
    • Powerful questions
    • Direct communication
  • Using the TGROW model
    • Topic: getting an understanding of the issue
    • Goal: outcome for the conversation
    • Reality: what is happening now?
    • Options: what is possible?
    • What: actions, commitment and wrap-up

3 Framing the coaching moment conversation

  • Getting clarity on:
    • The focus for the conversation
    • What they want by the end
    • Where is a good place to start?
    • Types of question to ask
  • Checking in
    • The ‘how’ we are working together
    • The ‘what’ the coachee is working on
    • Using ‘process’ and ‘content’ questions
  • Closing with clarity
    • Prepare
    • Partner
    • Progress

4 Practice session

  • Start with impact
  • Manage the middle
  • Close with clarity
  • 2-minute feedback discussion:
    • One thing that worked well
    • One thing to make it an even better coaching moment
  • Reverse roles and repeat

5 Close

  • One thing you are inspired to do as a result of today’s session
  • Reflections and action planning

For a no-obligation discussion about running this workshop for your organisation please just give us a call on 01582 463461.