Coaching skills for line managers

Five 90-minute webinars

All good managers use coaching to a certain extent. Some do it better than others. But then, some have had more training than others!

This unique webinar suite will help you to take your coaching skills to the next level, making you an even more effective manager in the process. It will:

  • Enhance your understanding of the skills and approaches that underpin coaching excellence
  • Improve the quality of your coaching by leveraging the skills that you already have
  • Help you make your coaching conversations more effective

Learning objectives

By the end of the sessions you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Increased self-awareness of your own ‘coaching style’
  • A clearer understanding of what coaching is and when to use a coaching approach
  • Enhanced skills in developing rapport, listening, questioning, goal-setting and giving feedback


Anyone wishing to take their coaching to the next level:

  • Managers who use a coaching approach
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone considering moving towards a coaching qualification


The focus of this series of webinars is on active learning through experiential exercises, skills practice, and feedback and group discussion. Each session include a skills practice sessions which allows individuals to learn from three perspectives:

  • Delivering coaching
  • Experiencing coaching as a client
  • Observing and feeding back on a session

Sessions can be run in various formats. Given the very active nature of the sessions, some clients prefer to work with the momentum and have longer sessions (a full day in some cases); others prefer more conventional sessions of 90 minutes or a couple of hours. The structure set out below assumes five 90-minute sessions but the choice is yours.

Maximum group size of 12 recommended. We strongly recommend the use of a webinar platform that supports break-out sessions, usually Zoom.

Series outline

Webinar 1 – ‘A coaching approach’

  • What do we mean by a ‘coaching approach’? Myths and reality
    • Line manager as coach
  • When to coach / when not to coach
  • Experiencing a coaching approach
    • Group coaching exercise
    • Coaching demonstration

Webinar 2 – An introduction to the four key coaching skills

  • Building trust and rapport
  • Active listening and powerful questions
  • Application: Skills practice – using powerful questions
  • Direct communication and giving feedback
  • Planning and goal-setting
  • Application: Skills practice – using the ‘Time to Think’ framework

Webinar 3 – The OSCAR coaching framework

  • The OSCAR model
    • Outcome
    • Situation
    • Choices / consequences
    • Action
    • Review
  • Application: Skills practice – using the OSCAR model as a framework for a coaching conversation. (GROW or TGROW can be used instead of OSCAR, if preferred).

Webinar 4 – Exploring possibilities and challenging with integrity

  • Heron’s Framework for ‘coaching styles’
  • Your coaching / communication style
  • Application: Skills practice – ‘popcorn’ coaching activity
  • The support / challenge matrix
  • ‘Stretching’ our clients – exploring possibilities to realise potential
  • Application: Skills practice – flexing our style to offer constructive challenge

Webinar 5 – Looking ahead

  • What we are learning from neuroscience
    • Implications for a coaching approach
    • Solution-focused coaching
    • Application: Skills practice – OSCAR through the solution focus lens
  • Planning and goal-setting
    • GOT / WANT matrix – reflections on coaching strengths and areas for development
    • Application: Coaching conversations – personal development plan
  • Review and next steps
    • Reflections on learning
    • Commitments to action
    • Key learnings and take-aways

For a no-obligation discussion about running this workshop for your organisation please just give us a call on 01582 463461.