ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Delivered in association with

  • Are you ready to turn your informal coaching skills into something tangible, and achieve a valued qualification?
  • Do you want to be able to hold powerful, supportive and challenging coaching conversations with colleagues with those who report to you?
  • Are you committed to using coaching skills as a key management skills?

Then the ILM level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring could be just right for you.

The programme is designed to help you learn the skills and structures to be able to coach to a high standard, during both planned and ‘in the moment’ coaching sessions. We distinguish between coaching and mentoring, then teach all the skills and structures to hold these powerful conversations. All our participants finish the course with a comprehensive toolkit that enables them to:

  • Create a safe space for a coachee to explore their issues
  • Help coachees self-reflect and come up with their own solutions
  • Develop transferrable skills that can be used outside coaching as well as within it

Key features

  • A robust, practical approach, to help you develop high quality coaching skills, and pass the rigorous ILM assessment process
  • A focus on you, the learner, to ensure that you develop the skills, and understand the methodologies for coaching at this level
  • Small group training (maximum 10 people) with inter-session support, focusing on the practical skills needed for this level of coaching
  • Detailed resources and support structures to help you through the study process and complete all the assignments for the qualification

What’s included:

  • 5 x training days, plus tutorials between and after the training days
  • Unlimited tutorial support whilst studying for the qualification
  • Extensive resource bank – everything you need for your coaching and for the qualification
  • Written feedback on at least 2 coaching sessions
  • Marking and interim feedback on ILM assignments
  • Final assessment and submission of assignments to the ILM

Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for people who are new to coaching, but who are involved in some sort of management or leadership position or who regularly support people as part of their role

It is also suitable for those who are keen to provide a supportive process to others, who enjoy helping people, who are interested in professional development.

Candidates on previous courses have included HR and L&D managers, freelance trainers and coaches, business owners, project managers, career changers, school leaders, voluntary sector managers

People come on the course with a range of past experiences of study – some haven’t written an essay for years, if ever as an adult! We support you fully to get you through the assignments.

Not sure which level ILM programme you should be doing? Give us a call on 01582 463461 to arrange a no-obligation discussion with one of the trainers.

The accreditation process

Once you’ve attended the programme, you need to:

  • Write a 2-3,000 word essay on the skills and practice of coaching
  • Deliver at least 12 hours of coaching and write some reflective logs and feedback about your coaching
  • Undergo an assessment of your coaching skills by the course tutor
  • Write a 1-2,000-word essay, reflecting on your skills as a coach

The trainer helps you every step of the way with this.

The open programme option

The programme runs on an open basis twice a year in London (or Surrey).

Dates and how to book

Dates for 2020 to be announced.


  • £1,695 + VAT for individuals, statutory and voluntary sector organisations
  • £1,995 + VAT for commercial organisations

In both cases, there is an additional ILM candidate registration fee of £134 (non-VATable).

The in-house option

If you have a group of six people or more who want the ILM Level 5 qualification, then you’d be better off having us run the programme for you on an in-house basis.

Interested? Just give us a call on 01582 463461.

Programme overview

There are three principal aims for the training room days:

  • To provide the knowledge and understanding of reflective coaching processes
  • To give you a chance to practise and improve coaching skills at this level
  • To prepare you for the assignments in order to pass this ILM qualification

Day 1: Definitions and approaches / Micro skills

  • Contracting between coach and coachee
  • Differentiating between mentoring, coaching, directive management
  • Coaching skills self-assessment
  • Key skills 1 – questions, listening, pausing
  • ILM assessment and study overview

Day 2: Stages of the coaching conversation / #1 coaching process (change)

  • Mapping stages of the coaching conversation
  • Listening – what are we listening for?
  • Selecting and contracting with coachees
  • Change coaching process – overview
  • Linking coaching sessions together

Day 3: Deepening the coaching relationship and experience / Linking to organisational needs

  • A coaching approach to mentoring
  • Longer term coaching relationships
  • Advanced questioning techniques
  • Introducing external materials and self-diagnostics into coaching
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to coaching

Day 4: Transforming our questioning / #2 coaching process (focus)

  • Further question and listening approaches
  • Values and power in the coaching relationship
  • Focus and future coaching process – structure and practice

Day 5: Assessment of your coaching / Assignment paperwork

  • Review our coaching practice
  • Observed and assessed coaching session
  • Final preparation for the assignments

Each day

  • Practise micro skills and/or coaching sessions
  • Time for writing part of assignment 1

After day 5

Tutorials and email support to focus on:

  • Continuing improvement in coaching skills
  • Preparation and submission of assignments

Self-study timetable:

  • 4 weeks after the final training day: Submit your coursework for the qualification
  • 8 weeks after: Submit the first draft of assignment 1. It will be marked and returned within 2 weeks.
  • 10 weeks after: Review the marking of assignment 1, make any amendments and submit a final version.
  • 14 weeks after: Complete 6 hours of coaching by now. Keep on top of the assignment 2 paperwork. Confirm your completion of 10 hours of coaching.
  • 18 weeks after: Complete the reflective assignments, personal profile and other aspects of assignment 3, and submit these It will be marked and returned within 2 weeks.
  • 22 weeks after: Review the marking of assignment 3, make any amendments and submit a final version.
  • 24 weeks after: Complete the remaining 6 hours of coaching and confirm that you have done so.
  • 28 weeks Submit all the paperwork for assignment 2. It will be marked and returned within 2 weeks.
  • 34 weeks after: Review the marking of assignment 2, make any amendments and submit a final version.

Follow this roadmap and you’ll have the advanced coaching skills and the ILM qualification within 8 months of starting the course!

Why Love Your Coaching?

Love Your Coaching is led by Charlie Warshawski, a coach and coach trainer with over 15 years’ experience. He works with a network of associate coaches, all of whom have trained with him as ILM level 7 coaches.

But we are an ILM Centre in our own right.

So why do we partner with Love Your Coaching in the delivery of the ILM coaching qualifications?


  • We think Charlie and his team do a better job with these programmes than anyone else
  • They get great results – for their own clients and for ours
  • They designed their ILM programmes with ICF principles in mind
  • They’re a great fit with our values and ethics
  • They remain supportive and present for everyone all the way through to submission of the assignments
  • Although the ILM doesn’t explicitly call for it, they assess you on the quality of your coaching, and give you a pass mark when you have reached the standard needed to be a high quality coach
  • They help to find people for you to practise your coaching with
  • They are creating an alumni community of everyone who has taken an ILM programme with them, so there’s a great network of coaches to support and learn from

All his team:

  • Are expert coaches themselves, keeping in practice by constantly delivering coaching as part of their role – they practise what they teach
  • Are experienced trainers, and practise the most up-to-date, participative and inclusive approach to training
  • Have a day job, a professional qualification and great credibility in their sectors, that serves them well to keep their coaching practical and useful
  • Abide by the codes of conduct and ethics of the International Coach Federation

And they get great results:

‘Charlie recently supported me in obtaining my Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring through Maximum Coaching / Love Your Coaching. Charlie is a fantastic coach and trainer and was an incredible support over the last few months. I really valued his input and feedback on my own coaching and more so his coaching of me! His passion for coaching is clear and it’s easy to engage with him thanks to his supportive, guiding and committed approach. I really enjoyed the time working towards my qualification and will be forever grateful to Charlie for all his support.’ HR Business Partner, Eurostar

‘This programme exceeded my objectives. I now realise the impact coaching has on people. I still have coaches stop me in the corridor now – it is a constant reminder of what has been achieved and what can be achieved. One coachee obtained a promotion, and another got a new job. The assignment process challenged me, in a positive way. It has bene a long time since I have written an essay! The support has been invaluable – you have always been available, and all the reviews were incredibly helpful.’ Head of Corporate Systems, Eurostar

For a no-obligation discussion about attending this programme, or about running it for your organisation on an in-house basis, just give us a call on 01582 463461.