High performance coaching


Being non-directive, holding the client’s agenda and building rapport are foundations for effective coaching. But, if we are not willing to challenge our clients to think we miss the opportunity to facilitate their learning and improve their performance. We also risk colluding with our clients, helping them ‘play small’.

This insightful one-day workshop will build your skills in helping your coaching clients discover new perceptions, thoughts and behaviours that strengthen their ability to achieve what is important to them, take courageous decisions and be accountable for achieving significant goals.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help you explore:

  • The FACT coaching model for challenging constructively (based on the work of Ian Day and John Blakey
  • The implications of Heron’s six categories of coaching interventions for your own coaching style
  • Your ability to be present and flexible, choosing the most effective intervention in the moment
  • Direct communication, using analogy and metaphor
  • The ‘Drama Triangle’ – implications for coaching and how to get out of it


Any coach who wants to take their skills to a new level will benefit from this programme. Participants will develop a greater flexibility in their coaching style, and learn how to challenge their clients to take responsibility for what they really want to achieve.


This one-day workshop will help you develop greater flexibility in your coaching style by ‘trying on’ different approaches in a safe and fun learning environment. You will have the opportunity to assess your own coaching style using the Heron Six Styles of Intervention Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

To get the most from the day you need to bring a topic that you would be willing to be challenged on by your coach. For example, this might be something you have been procrastinating about, or something you would like to achieve but it seems unrealistic.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction and welcome

  • Your objectives:
    • Understanding the expertise in the room
    • How can we make the day work best for you?

2 Your coaching style

  • Heron’s 6 categories of coaching intervention
  • Assessing your coaching style
  • Practical application, flexing your style

3 Challenging with integrity

  • What stops you challenging?
  • The Facts Model
  • The Support / Challenge Matrix
  • Practical application

4 Dealing with resistance

  • The drama triangle
  • Listening for language patterns and challenging client assumptions and perspectives to provide new possibilities
  • Use of metaphor to create awareness
  • Practical application – coaching with metaphor

5 Learning review and close

  • Application and action planning

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