Rosanne Bernard

An extremely experienced coach and trainer, with a strong HR background, Rosanne leads our coaching skills training activities in the UK, including delivery of the ICF ACC programme.

Coaching style

For Rosanne, coaching is a creative and explorative process and very much a journey of self-discovery. By understanding our strengths, our values, what drives us and also what limits us, we can create more choice within our lives and achieve change that is sustainable. Rosanne’s coaching provides clients with support, challenge and space to identify positive changes they wish to make within their professional life, and then develop strategies and confidence to make this change a reality.

Rosanne’s style is based on developing a positive and collaborative approach with clients who are committed to making a difference within their lives. She is action-oriented, pragmatic and solutions-focused. She brings a wealth of developmental tools and models that she may invite clients to use when appropriate, eg, models on leadership, change, limiting beliefs or personality to create insight and help determine action.

As a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Rosanne is also able to offer a 6-week Mental Fitness Coaching programme to individuals and teams as a foundation to 1:1 coaching. This is the flagship programme developed by Positive Intelligence® that enhances both success and wellbeing in a sustainable way.

Clients and outcomes

Rosanne enjoys working managers, at all levels, who are actively looking to enhance their performance, impact or confidence at work. This may be around management and leadership capability, change management, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, influencing, conflict management, resilience, etc.

Outcomes include measurable actions and strategies to ensure change is effective and sustainable, along with increased self-awareness, motivation and confidence.

Rosanne also enjoys working with people who have been recently promoted or who are otherwise new in role and, of course, she has a wealth of experience supporting the development of HR professionals.

Qualifications and professional memberships

  • ICF credentialed coach (Professional Certified Coach)
  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC)
  • Chartered Fellow of the CIPD (FCIPD)
  • Business Practitioner in NLP
  • A wide range of psychometrics including Myers Briggs Step1 and 2, FACET 5, Wave, Mental Toughness, etc.

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