Yvonne Low

Location: Singapore

Nationality: Singaporean

Languages: English

Yvonne is a career and executive coach, and talent developer, with 15 years of experience. As a coach, her focus is on two key areas: executive coaching and career coaching. In career coaching, she supports mid-career professionals in exploring life and career goals and implementing their plans. In executive coaching, the emphasis is on personal and leadership development. Yvonne has worked with more than 1,500 individuals from different functions and nationalities across Asia Pacific.

She starts off a coaching relationship by helping a client identify and establish their goals through detailed exploration and use of assessment tools. She then supports the client in working on tangible actions for their development towards progress and growth. She also emphasises learning through reflection and observations and encourages clients to observe their own learning and progress. Yvonne looks towards building constructive and effective relationships and believes in working in an environment of openness and trust. She relates well to all levels of people in an organisation, is passionate about helping individuals grow and develop and brings a tremendous level of energy and enthusiasm to her work.

Sectors / clients include:

  • Financial institutions (eg, Raiffeisen Bank International)
  • FMCG (eg, P&G)
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology (eg, Qiagen)
  • Government (eg, Singapore Government agencies)
  • Electronics (eg, RS Components)

Specialisms include:

  • Career transition coaching
  • Career and personal development
  • Leading teams

Qualifications include:

  • Certificate in Business Coaching / Accredited Career Coach
  • MBTI / DISC / NLP for Business certified
  • Certified Chally Talent Analyst
  • Lominger’s VOICES (360-degree feedback tool)
  • Certified Colour, Image and Etiquette Consultant

Feedback includes:

  • ‘Yvonne truly opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Thanks to her as a catalyst, I am now pursuing a career linked to my passions.’
  • ‘An amazingly high EQ person who is able to both listen and inspire.’
  • ‘Yvonne was assigned to be my career coach. She helped me both with my job search, and with my exploration into setting up my own consulting business. I am very happy to say I have succeeded in the freelance route, thanks in large part to Yvonne’s guidance and encouragement… Now I am doing all the work I love to do, not just that which fits a narrow company or firm role.’
  • ‘I had the opportunity to work with Yvonne on my career transition by chance. She came across to me as someone that is friendly, knowledgeable and someone whom you can turn to for more advice when you are unsure of your next step.’

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