Vicky Leu

Location: Taiwan, Taipei City

Nationality: Chinese

Languages: Mandarin / English

Vicky has more than 20 years’ experience working in Human Resources, with a focus in the financial industry as an HR Executive. She has served as a leader to professionals integrating talent processes, eg, succession management and new leader onboarding programmes, to ensure that talent has a smooth transition into new positions. Her personal mission is to have a positive impact to support people to be the best they can possibly be.

Vicky’s coaching career has focused on leadership coaching, working with professionals from middle level to C-level executives. Her coaching approach is based on a customised process, designed to break clients’ assumptions and then expand their comfort zones for new possibilities to demonstrate the new behaviour. It’s a repeated cycle and, as a result, helps her clients to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Vicky’s watchwords are ‘co-creative, ‘aware’ and ‘self-responsible’. She expects to have an Adult-to-Adult relationship with her clients. She co-creates new possibilities in each coaching session with deep and open communication, using powerful questions to help the individual understand how others’ see their behaviour. She supports all her clients in their growth – but expects them to take full responsibility for it themselves.

Sectors / clients include:

  • Financial services (eg, Prudential Life Insurance Company of Taiwan, Cathay Securities Investment Consulting)
  • Manufacturing (eg, MARS, Sports City International Inc)
  • FMCG (eg, Unilever)
  • Medical equipment (eg, Medtronic Taiwan Ltd.)

Specialisms include:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Transition coaching – especially new leader onboarding
  • Life coaching

Qualifications include:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • BA degree in Business Administration (Soochow University, Suzhou, China)
  • TTT certification in DDI, Wiley Everything DiSC and THOC (The Hear of Coaching)

Feedback includes:

‘Vicky helps me to have a different view via our coaching sessions. Most important of all, she helps me to visualise my mission and value and what kind of person I would like to be. In this way, she helps me ensure that what I do is on the way to my personal goal and mission. I really enjoyed every session with Vicky. I always get unexpected take-aways, and take action for the next session.’

‘Vicky’s personality is easy-going and creates a room for us to have a trust relationship which lets me feel very comfortable to share my challenges and see myself deeply. Vicky is good at direct communication, which helped me a lot to understand others’ perception. In this way, I realise the relationship is critical for me, and I need to take action first.’

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